Environmental & Science Media P/L is an Adelaide based specialist online content video audio production service for natural resource management, agriculture, conservation and community organisations and projects.  We have been providing this service since 2010 and have produced over 100 videos for clients and thousands of views.

Unlike other content providers, we come from prior careers in natural resource management, agriculture and community, working in public, private and the non profit sectors.  We work closely with our clients to provide practical video solutions to enhance their online presence.  Web video is essential to encourage more traffic to your page via social media and e-newsletters and is a fundamental component in marketing and communications strategies.

We saw many organisations were producing videos “in house”.  Managers found their staff exhausting their time developing video production skills, rather than working on their funded projects.  ESM offers a cost effective solution for mangers and staff and can produce videos (or a series of videos) for web in a matter of days, not months (or years).

We engage with the project managers throughout all stages of a project, including the early concept stage, scripting, shooting and edit. We incorporate an organisations communication protocols and style guides for logo use, colour and fonts.

WE LOVE TRAVEL and will happily shoot your story where ever it is, in what ever conditions (as long as our gear survives).

Andrew Yip

Bachelor of Arts

Diploma in Youth Work

Diploma in Electronic Engineering

Video Production and Editing Certificates

Andrew has experience working in community organisations.  Andrew is a musician and keen photographer, which he has contributed these skills to our many projects.

Miriam Yip

Bachelor of Applied Science, in Environmental Management

Masters in Natural History FIlm Making

Miriam also has general experience in vegetation survey, soils and water.  Miriam enjoys working in all areas and loves the challenge of  a new landscape.

Environmental & Science Media P/L are:

Miriam Yip - Owner/Director

Andrew Yip - Technical Manager

We are an online content company specialising in telling natural resource management, agriculture, conservation and community stories.